Our Search Engine Optimisation Book

The book: A compact guide to search engine optimisation: SEO – everything you need to know. How do you optimise your website for search engines?

We already mentioned that Warren loves to write books. Inspired by the SEO courses of the continuing education, he has written a compact work in which he summarises and deepens content that is taught to the participants within four weeks.

Bettina translated the book into German, whereby she refrained from a literal translation – since Warren’s brisk writing style could not be adequately translated anyway. She described the facts in her own words so that it became a useful book in German too.

SEO – All You Need to Know:

A 7-Step Beginner’s Guide to Basic Search Engine Optimisation

Contents of the Book at a Glance

  • Ch. 1: A brief introduction to online marketing
  • Ch. 2: It all depends on the website
  • Ch. 3: People’s purpose: search and SEO
  • Ch. 4: Be in the conversation: social media & SEO
  • Ch. 5: Improving SEO with Pay-Per-Click ads
  • Ch. 6: If it’s not measurable …

Basic SEO in 7 Steps

Step 1: The Right Tools to Audit Your Website        
Step 2: Your Website’s Layout and Structure           
Step 2 Focus: Landing Pages
Step 3: How to Guide – Keywords 101
Step 4: On-Page SEO – What’s on Your Site            
Step 5: Technical SEO – No Coding Required          
Step 6: Off-Page SEO – Social Media & co.             
Step 7: eCommerce SEO – Learning by Shopping   

Which Search Terms do People Use to Find what They Want?

  • What exactly are they looking for?
  • How many are looking for it?
  • How do people want this information, in what form?
  • Researching keywords in five simple steps
  • SEO-FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions
  • How can the ranking of your website on Google & Co. be improved?

How the Book Helps You

It takes you by the hand: carefully review your website to improve the technical optimisation directly on your page and make it as search engine friendly as possible. Make improvements to your sitemaps and optimise the loading time of your website. Use Google Ads to find and integrate strategic keywords. This will increase the effectiveness of your online presence.

Why it’s Important that Other Websites Link to Your Website

Links from other websites (backlinks) to your website can improve overall visibility and credibility in the eyes of search engines. This off-page optimisation, e.g. of social media, but also the Google company profile also contributes to improving visibility.

When will Your SEO Work Show Results?

SEO is a medium-term strategy. There are many factors that play a role. It is therefore not easy to predict how long it will take until you see results. As a rule, you should start to see improvements after the second or third month.

SEO Needs Time

SEO takes time. It’s best to give yourself about half a year and regularly check the results in Google search. But that doesn’t mean you’re done after six months. As long as you want to stay visible, you keep working on your search engine optimisation, and thus on your product.

Visibility on the WWW is Trackable

What you see here, is Bettina’s Blog digitalfahrschule.de, which since 2022 has continuously published new contributions and updated and supplemented old ones:

Sichtbarkeitsindex digitalfahrschule.de - SEO
Visibility Index digitalfahrschule.de – Sistrix

The peak in October 2022 is due to the article on the DGSVO-compliant use of Google Fonts (read about how to use Google Fonts on your own website ↑) which has now been accessed over 13,000 times on Bettinas blog. In October 2022, there was a wave of warnings about incorrectly integrated Google Fonts. You can also see from this graph that from October onwards the curve flattens out again – this is because many competitors have published an article on this, which is then perhaps displayed more prominently – e.g. internet lawyers.

The Book Continues to Grow

We are experienced lecturers in search engine optimisation, online marketing and WordPress. For the SEO course, we use the book as a teaching guide. As a result, current trends can be added or certain topics described in more detail on request.

Translation into German

This is the first time Bettina has translated something so compact and large. Of course, there is Google Translate or Deepl – but if the meaning is to be preserved, that is a support, but not a solution. These programmes translate Warren’s humorous and likeable English into a stilted language, the lightness becomes a lot of “must must must” – the you becomes you and with it the word you/you, your/yours occurs with a ludicrous frequency.

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